Mer om svovel og ledd
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Mer om svovel og ledd

Denne studien viser at svovel fra amminosyren cystein ikke blir inkorporert i proteoglycans (svovelstoffer i bla brusk), selv når svovelmengden i blodet er lavt. Derimot får vi en signifikant økning av proteoglycan produksjonen når svovelmengden i blod øker. Dette viser at det kan være nyttig å få svovel fra andre næringskilder enn svovelholdige amminosyrer også.

MSM inngår i denne prosessen som en lett tilgjengelig kilde til svovel.

In vivo contribution of amino acid sulfur to cartilage proteoglycan sulfation

«Proteoglycans, the most known family of sulfated macromolecules, are present in the extracellular matrices and in the cell membranes; they are not only involved in structural and mechanical function, but also play more subtle roles, since they regulate diffusion of water and other compounds and are involved in cell differentiation and recognition [1].»

«Indirect evidence of the minor contribution of amino acid sulfur to the sulfate pool of cartilage comes from studies of DTDST chondrodysplasias, a group of disorders that are caused by sulfate uptake impairment; under this condition, undersulfation of cartilage proteoglycans is observed, demonstrating that in this tissue at normal concentrations of sulfate and cysteine the intracellular sulfate pool relies mainly on extracellular sulfate.»

«In conclusion, we have demonstrated in vivo that cysteine contribution to cartilage proteoglycan sulfation is minimal at physiologic concentrations of cysteine even if extracellular sulfate availability is low; however, the contribution of thiol compounds to proteoglycan sulfation becomes significant by increasing their plasma concentration.»

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